The Aveyron is gourmet ...

Here is a country rich in local products: wine, cheese, meat, pastries…
Aveyron is gourmet..
Not to be missed: Aligot, a potato-based dish with fresh tomme de brebis, and Estofinado, a lavish version of cod brandade. But this is not all : farçous and tripe, scalded, focaccia or other cake à la broche…the list is far from complete…

The Soleilo offers:

Our summer cuisine à la plancha : How about barbecuing and eating outside? Discover our garden kitchen at Soleilo, equipped with a plancha. The summer kitchen allows you to prepare meals outdoors while enjoying the garden and sun, sharing savory and convivial moments.

Our regional plateaux du terroir : Soleilo’s gourmet trays combine meats and cheeses of Aveyron and Lozère, gratins and tartes, homemade desserts, and a bottle of wine - price: 35 € for 2 persons (by reservation only). Please book in advance.

Restaurants and inns : In 2010, UNESCO designated the “repas gastronomique des francais” as a cultural heritage, and the cuisine of Aveyron is an excellent example. From farmhouse inns to Michelinstarred restaurants, you’ll find festive settings, where guests practice the art of fine dining. Exceptional values are the cherry on the cake.
Isabelle and Laurent will recommend the best restaurants near Soleilo. For demi-pension (weekend or week), Soleilo can also arrange reservations according to your expectations. Just contact us.

Traditions and land

Gastronomie Aveyron

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Night markets : blends of fragrances and flavors :
Browse through markets where fragrances and flavors mix: have dinner at a night market, or prepare a picnic basket for tomorrow’s excursion. In Aveyron, markets are a tradition, and you’ll find fresh produce from local farmers. Visit the Liaucous night market on Tuesdays, and the Millau market on Friday mornings and Monday evenings.

Wines of Aveyron: old varieties back in the spotlight:
Honored ancient varietals produce distinctive wines: Iron Servadou or Mansois for AOC Marcillac (red and rose wines, recently celebrating the 20th anniversary of their appellation); Mauzac and Chenin for wines from Entraygues, The Fel, and d'Estaing. And don’t forget Cotes de Millau, and the youngest appellation, "Vin de Pays de l’Aveyron."

Aveyron is one grand plateau de fromage!
From the South, sheep's milk Tommes and Pérails, Blues des Causses, and of course, the king of Aveyron cheese: Roquefort. From the North, cow milk Laguiole and Ecir. More to the West, are the delightful (goat) Cabécous. Discover the taste of our terroir, and enjoy an incredible variety of cheeses!!

Star chefs
Michelin stars and Gault et Millau toques, are the flag bearers of local gastronomy, providing acclaim for the department’s exceptional cuisine… a reputation born from the kitchens of Aveyron. Chefs, like the exceptionally talented Michel Bras, make Aveyron appetizing!!

Aveyron… tripe… it's morning!!
It’s impossible to visit Aveyron without eating tripe at breakfast, midday, or in the evening. Yes, you read correctly… for breakfast! To have a truly unique Aveyron experience, head to a village festival - there’s one most every weekend in the summer. Tripe is served from 8am until lunchtime. Tripe doesn’t tempt you at such an early hour?

A word... a story... Aligot
Aligot: This traditional specialty of Aveyron, is one of those dishes that convey images of warmth and conviviality. The preparation is a real spectacle, since in order to achieve the ideal smoothness, it’s necessary to stir, lift, and aerate the preparation with a large stick. A real job requiring savoir-faire! The art of aligot-making demands strength and tenacity, in order to arrive at the perfect balance of texture and consistency..